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MIPINTA allows men to freely assert and express their masculinities
through a pluralistic and extraordinary wardrobe

MIPINTA is a Brussels-based menswear brand, founded in 2018 by Fernando Miró.

The brand showcased its first collections in 2018 and 2019 during São Paulo Fashion Week, as part of "Projeto Estufa".

In 2022, MIPINTA was fashion finalist of Festival de Hyères, in France, and that same year joined the MAD Brussels incubator.


Fernando Miró was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Since his childhood and specially during his adolescence, Fernando was confronted with the uniformity and dullness of men's clothing. In his late teens, he discovers the night to be a place where he could explore his identity freely. With the desire to offer himself and other boys and men the opportunity to express something other than their technicality and power through their masculinity, he decides to move to Brussels to study fashion at the prestigious La Cambre Mode[s].

Drawing inspiration from the energy of the night, where the quest for freedom is pulsating, Fernando embraces the desire for liberation and rejects the notion of impossibility. By challenging societal expectations of masculinity, MIPINTA empowers men to assert their individuality through a diverse and exceptional wardrobe.

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