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Fernando Miró was born in 1995 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Descendant of a family of artisans, he developed an interest in sewing, embroidery, jewelry and knitting techniques from childhood, guided by the hands of his grandmother and mother. Frustrated since his youth by the uniformity and gloom of men's clothing, especially in Brazil, Fernando decided to leave for Europe to combine the useful with the pleasant. Settled in Brussels since 2014, he arrived for his studies in the fashion design department of La Cambre, from which he graduated in 2021.

Alizée Loubet was born in 1995, in Lyon, France. she studIED ART IN PUBLIC SPACE at the Royal Academy of fine arts OF BRUSSELS. Her work is based on a multidisciplinary practice mixing video, painting and installation, and discusses the way in which a territory is bordered and crossed. It is generally linked to one or several geographical positions. They serve as viewpoints to seize the porosity of the lines which frame our spaces. The hatched sign almost systematically marks her interventions : it corresponds with a visual limit, graphically powerful, universal and easy to overstep.
MIPINTA is about the freedom to explore stereotypes and come up with a new sartorial language. MIPINTA is a research laboratory for the emergence of a joyful, pluralistic and hedonistic wardrobe. Bearing in mind the boundaries that frame men's clothing, MIPINTA liberates the meanings of existing pieces to celebrate a masculinity free from prejudices and preconceived ideas. 
Concerned with the environmental and social challenges that define our time -and fuelled by the energy of the present- MIPINTA reuses existing materials and commits to work in a circular way, offering new practices to make fashion. MIPINTA brings a diverse, alternative and optimistic voice to contemporary menswear.
MIPINTA was conceived between Europe and Brazil, two geographical positions defining its main influences. Brussels, the European capital, is the point of convergence, where Fernando and Alizée met. From this encounter came to life a common project, developed through several collections shown by MIPINTA during São Paulo Fashion Week in 2018 and 2019, within the context of “Projeto Estufa”.

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